Taxation Services

Man created the State to govern society. The State levied taxes to run the government. Over time, taxation became more complex. Now, the struggle is to make it simpler. Amid the challenging economic scenario and newfound initiative by the Government to improve tax environment, businesses need to pay close attention to tax challenges and rework their strategies. Effective tax structuring and planning ensures that organisations remain competitive in this complex business environment and at the same time manage their tax exposure.

While the laws are the same for all businesses, in many cases an in-depth and holistic understanding of the client’s business ethos is missing. We deliver risk-adjusted optimisation by providing simple and precise tax structuring advice. Our processes are time-tested and we do not operate in silos.

While the indirect tax structure in India is overtly complex on account of overlapping taxes administered by Central, State and local jurisdictions. Moreover, this tax regime is governed by frequent notifications, circulars, trade notices etc. and many a times conflicting with well-established judicial position. It is procedural and compliance driven law. Indirect Tax poses great challenge for most of the organizations.

Indirect taxes directly impact cost of goods and service, cash flow, profitability and ultimately stakeholder value. Any lapse in recovering tax at transaction stage would result in adverse commercial implications. It is imperative for business entities to examine its tax structures, undertake in-depth analysis of the tax costs and thrive for tax optimization. Precise documentation and compliance is must to be on the right side of the law.Qualitative support from experienced professionals will go long way for tax optimization and healthy compliance.