GST Consultancy

 All current taxes levied by the state and central government of the country will be replace by the new tax regime called goods and services tax. The new tax will decide the prices of goods and services in the country. Every single item will have the same price in every nook and corner of the country. But it does not mean that there will be single tax. The GST regime will have four tax slabs from 5% to 12%, 18% and 28% rates. This tax regime will also be different from the current system. The GST is destination tax, which means that tax base will shift to consumption place from origin place. All the person with interstate business must understand the new tax system for better compliance with taxes.
Our expert consultancy will explain the basics of the tax to the client on their particular business and how the business can respond effectively.We not only will explain the new taxes but also suggest the necessary technological changes that a client must have to bring in for better compliance to the new tax returns and fillings. Our consultants will help the clients to get registration with the new tax regime, as every business in India with an annual turnover of 20 lakh has to register. The turnover limit for the North East is 10 lakh.